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How do You (and Your Kids) Avoid Dog Bites?

sad dog Wanting to believe that all dogs are the typical man’s best friends, we sometimes forget that the human-dog relationship can turn violent.  It is hard to imagine that the furry creature you took a walk with last night could permanently injure you or your family member.

When you hear a story on the evening news describing how a dog permanently hurt a child, the visions of your child being the next one injured can’t be ignored. The last thing you want is your child becoming a part of the next dog bite statistic.

While you can train your dog to act safely, dogs outside of your home are out of your control.  When your child has a loving relationship with your family dog, how do you train them to be more wary with dogs that are not yours? [Read more…]

Football Stars Neglect of Seatbelt Turns Tragic

car crashWhile watching the evening news after your primetime show, it is always painful to hear about the tragedies that have happened that day. Listening to the evening anchor tell you that talent and possibility came to a crashing halt due to one wrong turn can bring great sadness.

You might know exactly what kind of sadness I am talking about if you heard about college football star Philip Lutzenkirchen’s death in late June. The former Auburn tight end perished upon being ejected from the Chevy Tahoe.

23-year-old Lutzenkirchen was not wearing a seatbelt. Passengers in the vehicle included Lutzenkirchen, Joseph Davis, and two 20-year-olds. Three of the four passengers were ejected from the car, two of those passengers killed, and one left in critical care. [Read more…]

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

slip and fall sign

The great winter freeze is finally over. The ice has melted in Washington and the sun is blazing in true July fashion. Your woes have gone driving in winter conditions to the appropriate SPF sunscreen you should wear. The last worry on your mind should be slipping and falling unless you are training at the local ice rink.

Think again. As we learned recently from the Keith Crisco’s accident, fatal slips can be caused by a mere welcome mat. While not everyone is prone to slipping on a rug and falling, it would not hurt to take cautionary precautions in order to avoid recreating this dreadful scene. [Read more…]

What Dog Breed Is Most Prone to Bite?

Pit Bulls are the Dog Breed most prone to biting.

Dog bite attacks can leave the victim maimed, disabled, scarred, and emotionally distraught. The fear and pain that an animal can cause to someone—your child, your neighbor, or your friend—is something that is very difficult to recover from.

After handling many dog bite cases for clients in Port Angeles, Washington, and across the Olympic Peninsula, we would like to take this opportunity to share some revealing statistics about dog bites. [Read more…]