Carlsborg, WA Personal Injury Lawyer

construction If you travel west of Sequim, you will come upon the quiet, rural town of Carlsborg, Washington. If you had visited Carlsborg 50 years ago, you would have come upon small farms and logging areas speckling the land. Situated in Clallam County, Carlsborg got its start with a mere sawmill and shingle mill. However, if you drove there today, you’d find more commercial buildings and bigger warehouses situated amongst those small farms and mills. One moment you will be driving past grazing cows and the next you will come upon a new subdivision complete with newly paved driveways and freshly cut grass.

This area has been declared an “urban growth area,” and this growth is happening quite quickly.  Because this rural area is being transformed into a functioning town, sewer and water infrastructures must be created—and quickly. With quick growth comes rapid construction. With rapid construction comes the increased probability of mistakes. As that possibility increases, so does the possibility of someone getting injured.

When you begin working on a construction site, you know that you have put yourself at risk for injury. As a Washington construction worker, you will be working with dangerous tools in unstable areas. Lumber falls and tools malfunction. One minute you are on your way to completing a project and the next you could find yourself with a serious, livelihood-affecting personal injury.

In reality, construction sites don’t just affect the health and well-being of the men and women working on them. Construction sites in Carlsborg, Washington, can affect all residents. You become exposed to the dangers of the site due to the possibility of defective equipment and carelessness of companies or workers. Also, constructions projects continually alter road condition and drivers must proceed with caution. Please drive responsibly through road construction projects.

Whether you are a construction worker or an unlucky passerby, having a debilitating personal injury can affect every aspect of your life. You need to take off work to recover. You have a mountain of medical bills that you never imagined could exist. With draining patience—and bank account!—it feels impossible to go about this alone.

You don’t have to. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of someone else, contact a personal injury lawyer near Carlsborg, WA, to seek the guidance and assistance you need. At McMenamin & McMenamin, PS, we have over 75 years of combined experience helping the residents of Washington communities like Carlsborg.

When you call an experienced Washington personal injury attorney, you are putting yourself in the right direction to find the answers to all of your questions, hopefully alleviating your financial and emotional stress. Contact the injury attorneys at McMenamin & McMenamin, PS, for all of your Carlsborg, WA, personal injury needs.


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