Planning Your Day Trip to the Olympic Peninsula

UntitledMaking a getaway to the breathtaking views of Olympic Peninsula, Washington, is a great way to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in all its diverse incarnations. Whether you’re into hiking, bird watching, fine dining, golf, art, or music, there’s something for everyone here—all set against a dramatic backdrop that’s unique to Washington State. Make your next day trip to this incredible location and hit a few of these spots along your way.

Murhut Falls

Located inside Duckabush Recreation area in Brinnon, Murhut Falls is a stunning, thunderous 130-foot waterfall. It’s only just over a mile from the trailhead, but once you see it, the pristine scenery will make you feel like you’ve trekked to another place. Start your morning off with a short hike and wake up to the roar of the water and the crisp, refreshing spray on your face. Just don’t drop your camera over the ledge!

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Oak Table Cafe

Once you’ve worked up a healthy appetite on the trail, it’s time to head over to the Oak Table enjoy a delicious breakfast to relax. The apple pancakes and cherry crepes come highly recommended if you have a sweet tooth. For something a little heartier, look no further than the Eggs Casey: cheddar bacon scrambled eggs piled on top of a fluffy croissant, and covered in creamy mushroom gravy. Make sure you wash it down with plenty of coffee because you’ll have to skip the nap to get the most out of your action-packed day in Olympic Peninsula!

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Lake Quinault Rainforest

One of three temperate rainforests in the country (the other two are also in the Olympic Peninsula), Lake Quinault boasts a lush canopy of deciduous and coniferous trees you’ll find almost nowhere else. Take guided tour and learn about the Quinault Indian Nation, the explorers who first charted the territory, and the unique ecosystem that thrives here. You’d rather just relax? Soak in the Sol Duc hot springs or enjoy a massage—or both! However you choose to spend your time at Lake Quinault, make sure to take a minute appreciate the landscape. It’s serene, diverse, and oh so green!

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Northwest Native Expressions Gallery

The S’Klallam people have thrived in the Olympic Peninsula for over ten thousand years. Long before European settlers even set foot in Washington, the S’Klallam organized a system of governance, engaged in commerce, and built a culture of self-reliance that earned them the moniker, “The Strong People.” The Northwest Native Expressions Gallery offers visitors a glimpse at their rich cultural history in the form of traditional baskets, drums, textiles, masks, and artifacts, as well as works from contemporary S’Klallam artists and musicians. Stroll through the gallery on your way out to gain a greater appreciation for the history of the Olympic Peninsula and its people.

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