Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer | Port Angeles, WA

McM2How is it that the worst accidents happen when we least expect them to? An SUV rear-ends your mini-van in the Port Angeles Safeway parking lot when you only went to the store for a jug of milk.  You stop at the local coffee shop on the way home from the soccer game and slip and fall on residue on the floor.

These accidents come as a surprise, along with the long recovery time, time taken off from work, and heap of medical bills. What shouldn’t be a surprise is that you deserve some help. If you have had an accident in Port Angeles, Washington that was not your fault, whether it was a car accident or a slip and fall, you not only deserve assistance from your family, friends, and coworkers, but you also might deserve compensation from the party at fault.

But, how do you know if you qualify for financial compensation for your personal injury accident in Port Angeles, WA? Did you slip and fall in a public place? Was it in a generally slippery place, or should the hazard not have been there? Was there a warning sign of possible danger of injury?

If you have answered, yes, to any of these questions, it is quite possible that it is not just your klutziness or misstep at fault for your injury; another party is most likely at fault. In that case, it is time to contact a slip and fall personal injury attorney in Port Angeles, Washington.

Many injured citizens in Washington are tentative to call a personal injury attorney. €œI’ll be fine, you tell yourself.  You reassure yourself, saying, “The injury will heal by itself.”  Now is the time to take care of yourself, though, especially if you have been wrongfully injured in a Washington slip and fall accident.

As personal injury lawyers at McMenamin & McMenamin, PS, we want to reassure you: you are not a bad person if you want to seek help for your injuries. By contacting our personal injury attorneys today, you are starting your path toward getting better and getting back up on your feet.

At McMenamin & McMenamin, PS, we want to take care of everything so that you can take time for yourself and get better. Contact our Port Angeles, Washington office today to learn more about what you can do about the injuries you have received from your slip and fall accident.

Let us do everything we can to help you get better so that you can return to your daily routine.

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