Port Angeles, Washington Product Liability Attorney

McM3When you make your shopping list for the week, what do you consider when you put products on your list? You probably take a look at your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets to see what you are lacking. You wander through your utility closet to see if detergent is running low or if cleaning products are sparse. You make your list of products trusting that they are safe to use. With brand loyalty and knowledge of what you and your Port Angeles family likes, you make your purchases for the week.

When you are making this list and going shopping in the Port Angeles grocery store, do you stop and do research to make sure the products won’t injure your loved ones? Do you double check that they aren’t tainted or have harmful ingredients in them? You probably do not.

We trust that if products are on stores€™ shelves, whether they are found at the local Port Angeles Safeway or in the pharmacy, that they are safe to use and consume. We assume that government regulations would have kept them out of the store if they weren’t. We put trust in manufacturers, designers, and distributers.

All too often, though, we cannot rely on these products. This shocking revelation usually unfortunately occurs when we become ill or injured. If you or a loved one has been injured or harmed due to product liability issues in Port Angeles, Washington, you should know that you are not alone. By contacting a product liability attorney, you will kick-start the path towards receiving the compensation you rightfully deserve.

The product liability attorneys at McMenamin & McMenamin, PS, are experienced with claims due to faulty products or manufacturing negligence.

When you put your trust in our Port Angeles product liability attorneys, though, you can trust that we will obtain the compensation you deserve. You were wrongfully injured, and we want to right those wrongs.

Contact our Port Angeles, Washington product liability attorneys today. It’s time for you to get better, and it’€™s time for us to secure your safety.

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