Wrongful Death Attorneys in Port Angeles, Washington

wrongful deathShock. Grief. Anxiety. Despair. These are only a few of the emotions you are probably feeling right now. All you want to do is wake up from this nightmare, but you can’€™t. You just lost a close loved one.

You feel shock because the death was sudden and unexpected. Just a few weeks ago, you were spending time with them in your favorite Port Angeles spot.  And now, they are gone from your life forever.

Grief and despair weight you down completely. You cannot even bear with the fact that this person has passed away.

Plagued with anxiety, you only just begin to calculate the true effects off this loss. You didn’€™t prepare funds for a funeral. You didn’€™t know there was going to be one any time soon. And now you are scrambling to find the cash just so you can quietly say goodbye and so other loved ones can pay their respects.

With all of these emotions, you feel simply overcome. With all that is happening, you almost forget that your loved one was wrongfully killed. While planning the funeral, coping with grief, and saying goodbye, how are you supposed to seek justice for your lost loved one?

At McMenamin & McMenamin, PS, we know that a wrongful death lawsuit is the last thing on your mind. You are mourning. You are tired. You are in a complete state of crisis. With compassion, attention to detail, and dedication, we want to help you through this trying time and relieve the lawsuit stress. You should be able to focus on the grieving process. Let us take care of the rest.

As Port Angeles, Washington wrongful death attorneys, we rue the calls telling us that your loved one has died. However, because you called us, we can begin to help you by finding justice for your loved one.

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