Port Townsend, WA Car Accident Injury Attorney

port townsend, wa

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Called one of the most sophisticated places west of Seattle, Port Townsend, Washington is home to historical quirks and stunning nature.  This maritime town is full of jaw-dropping 19th century Victorian buildings and is home to a myriad of cultural events.

Sims Way, a major road leading to Port Townsend, provides for a scenic drive and can be a pleasant commute. However, along with the scenery comes the never-ending possibility of car accidents. One of the busier roads in the area, Sims Way has been the site of many tragic crashes.

If you have been in a car accident in Port Townsend and sustained injuries, sizeable or minor, you likely have a multitude of questions €”all of which are important. Who do I call first? How can I ensure I receive fair compensation? How much work will I miss due to my injury? Will this car accident affect my insurance?

The McMenamin & McMenamin, PS personal injury team in Port Townsend is always willing to answer these questions, amongst others. We fully understand that you are frustrated and concerned about your future €”this is where our knowledge base makes a difference. With experience serving countless Washington clients, many whom suffer from a variety of car accident injuries, we will carefully and skillfully navigate your case.

Don’t hesitate. Reach out to the Port Townsend car accident injury lawyers at McMenamin & McMenamin, PS and find answers to your questions.