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Questions to Ask When Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Clallam County

You’ve been wrongfully injured, there’s no doubt about that. Now, what should you do about it? You’ve seen the commercials and you’ve watched a variety of courtroom dramas, but you can’t imagine that in Clallam County, the next steps are like what you see on television.

When you are injured and it happened because of someone else’s negligence, it is likely that you have many questions, and you should. Just like they tell you in school; when it comes to personal injury lawsuits, no question is a bad question.

Below are some questions you may ask if and when you are filing a personal injury lawsuit in Clallam County, Washington:

  • Will this accident affect my insurance, even if it is not my fault?
  • What if the person at fault doesn’t have insurance? Do I have any options?
  • Should I settle with the insurance company? If so, when?
  • How do I know how much my personal injury case is worth?
  • What factors go into determining how much compensation I receive for my injuries?
  • What should I look for in a personal injury lawyer?
  • Do I have a better chance of compensation if I work with an insurance company or with a personal injury attorney?

Now here comes the real question: to whom do I ask these questions? More importantly, who can I ask these questions face to face in Clallam County, Washington? When you have questions like these, the next step is to find yourself a personal injury lawyer to answer them.

Your personal injury attorney in Clallam County, WA should obviously be knowledgeable in the field and experienced in the practice, but someone you can trust. You can trust McMenamin & McMenamin, PS.

Through quick negotiation, purposeful coordination, and thorough communication, the personal injury attorneys at McMenamin & McMenamin, PS, will turn your questions into answers.

Contact our office today for a free initial consultation to answer all of your questions.

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